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Building You Counselling and Therapeutic Services was founded through our combined passion and mission to provide holistic, accessible, and inclusive services. Together, we bring a unique blend of diverse knowledge and skillsets through both our Social Work and Psychology backgrounds.

At Building You, we focus on providing client-centred, strengths-based, and trauma-informed supports for a wide range of challenges. We believe that we do not start with all the answers, and are not created whole, or chipped away at by life's experiences. Rather, we build ourselves piece by piece as we heal, grow, and learn.

We are grateful for the opportunity to support you on your journey.

Why try virtual counselling? 

Virtual counselling is an opportunity to access support without limitations. Whether you live in a remote area, have challenges with mobility, experience social anxiety, have children at home, don't have time in your schedule to commute to another appointment or just want to talk to someone from the comfort of your couch, virtual counselling is a great solution! 

Counselling from the comfort of your home




15 minutes 


Individual Counselling 

50 minutes 


Couples Counselling 

80 minutes 


Supervision Support

60 minutes 


Areas of Focus

We offer support for a wide range of challenges, including but not limited to:


Addiction and Substance Abuse                                  Life Transitions

ADHD and Neurodivergence                                        Maternal Mental Health

Anxiety and Mood Disorders                                        Negative Body Image

Challenging Relationships                                             Parenting

Chronic Illness & Disability                                            Perinatal & Postpartum Mental Health

Confidence and Empowerment                                    Racial & Cultural Identity (BIPOC)

Couples Counselling                                                     Trauma

Identity and Self-Exploration                      

If you are looking for support with ADHD and Neurodivergence, Chronic Illness & Disability, Couples Counselling or Parenting, 

Alisha could be an excellent fit for you!   

alisha macisaac

If you are looking for support with Maternal Mental Health, Negative Body Image, Perinatal & Postpartum Mental Health, Racial & Cultural Identity (BIPOC), or Trauma, Jehan could be an excellent fit for you! 

Jehan Mawani

Therapeutic Approaches

Depending on your hopes for therapy, we will develop a plan that is unique to you and may draw from various approaches. 

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)               Interpersonal Therapy (IPT)                 


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)                             Motivational Interviewing (MI)   

 Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT)                              Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) 


Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) 

Currently Accepting New Clients  

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